Wall Hits - Pack 2

Wall Hits - Pack 2

Wall Hits - Pack 2

This pack includes **10 Wall Hit - Front** clips and **18 Wall Hit - Spark** clips. The Wall Hit - Front clips feature a bullet hit on a hard surface creating a dust cloud and a residue. The color of the dust can be adjusted to suit your needs.

The Wall Hit - Spark clips feature quick isolated bursts of sparks. These clips can be used for bullet hits (or other impacts) on metal, rock or any surface that would create a spark.

Combined, these effects can be used to create a variety of gunshot hits in an action scene.

• All clips include an Alpha channel - all clips are pre-keyed for your convenience
ProRes 4444 Quicktime files
• Shot on RED with the outstanding optics of Zeiss lenses
• Highly curated selection: we chose the best of the best of our takes to be included in this pack.

Supported software: ALL - Works on all compositing software.

Also available in 3K to 5K via FX Collection Vol. 2! (R3D file)

This pack includes the following clips:

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Pack Details
FX Type: Practical
Clips: 28
Alpha: Type: Luminance Key
Depth Map:
Resolution File Size Frame Rate
2048 x 1556 2462 MB 24 fps

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