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At the end of September, we will be transitioning FX Elements away from a reliance on physical media and moving to a download-only model. That means that FX Collections and in particular FX Collection hard drives will be going away, forever.

During these challenging times, we are well aware that everything is more complicated and we wanted to help out in our own small way. Thus we have nearly doubled the amount of free footage available in our free zone and we are offering a helpful discounted rate on all our products.

We filmed lava in our studio, yes we did! We worked hard to create the right set up and capture the typical glow of molten matter. The RED Helium was a great ally in this endeavor. In the end, we obtained beautiful molten drips and splashes! They are great to enhance scenes happening during a volcano eruption or in an industrial setting such as a metal foundry or a glass factory.

Take advantage of our last sale of the year!

Enjoy up to 66% off for Black Friday / Cyber Monday.

From November 29th through December 2nd the pricing is as follows:

66% off all FX Clips!

• All Clips are just $5 each!

30% off all FX Packs!

• $34.30 for a Standard license
• $90.30 for a Multi-User license