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Office Hours

We are a small boutique and we answer all your messages ourselves. Sometimes we need to sleep but we try our best to reply to you as soon as possible.

Our office hours are from 9 am to 7 pm Monday through Friday, Central Time (CT). We try to answer your messages also during the week-ends but we can't guarantee that it will be possible.

One sure thing: we will respond!


It depends. You can find the various shipping options available to your country on the 2nd page of the Checkout process.

Usually, UPS is faster and provides more reliable tracking information.

You should expect your order to arrive in (approx.):
• 2-3 days with UPS Worldwide
• 3-5 days with USPS Priority Mail Express International
• 8-10 days with USPS Priority Mail International

We ship from Edmond, Oklahoma, USA, where our company is located.

If the product is in stock, we usually ship the same day we receive your order if we receive it by 3PM (CST) on a business day; sometimes it can take us 1 additional day.

Yes! We do ship to most countries in the world. Here are the countries we ship to:

American Samoa
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
Dominican Republic
France guiana
French Polynesia
French Southern Territories
Hong Kong
New Caledonia
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Puerto Rico
Saint Pierre et Miquelon
San Marino
South Africa
South Korea
Trinidad and Tobago
US Virgin Islands
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States
United States Minor Outlying Islands

If your country is not listed, contact us and we’ll see what we can do.


No. Since FX Clips and FX Packs are digital files and delivered via download, they are not refundable.

Yes, you can get a full refund if you return the FX Collection unopened and unused within 30 days after purchase and if you didn’t download any FX Packs from the Collection. If you did download FX Packs, you can still return the FX Collection unopened and unused but you will get a refund minus $259.

If the Hard Drive malfunctions, FX Elements will replace it at no cost within 30 days after purchase. Just email us and we’ll send you a pre-paid shipping label so you can mail the malfunctioning hard drive back to us.
We encourage you to make 1 copy of the FX Collection for normal back-up purposes, in case the hard drive fails later on.

File Downloads

As soon as payment is received, usually instantaneously. Your order status will be set to “complete” and you will have access to your purchased files in your account.

It depends on the download type and server location, but the limits are set high enough that most users never reach the limit. However, each click counts as 1 download so please keep this in mind! Be mindful not to double-click and remain patient while waiting for the download to start. If you have lost the file and need to download it again but have reached your downnload limit, simply contact us and we’ll help you out.

Bandwidth. Due to the larger file sizes that our products tend to generate we can’t offer unlimited downloads at the current time.

Clip Specs

* FX Clips and FX Packs:
All FX clips and all clips included in FX Packs are Quicktime files compressed with the PhotoJPEG, ProRes 422, ProRes 444 or ProRes 4444 codecs. You can check which codec was used on each FX Clip and FX Pack page.

* FX Collections:
All clips included in the FX Collections are Quicktime files compressed with the ProRes 4444 codec. Additionally, they are provided in their “RAW” format as R3Ds.

All our clips are rendered to Quicktime format at 24fps (24 frames per second). However due to the nature of the content and the fact that there is no audio, you can very easily re-time the Quicktime files to the frame rate you need.

Also worth noting: the fps at the time of capture is listed under the "Specs" section on each clip's page. This is simply the amount of "slow-motion" we set in camera. We indeed sometimes record an element at a higher frame rate (for example, 100fps) to increase the sense of its mass and size. But the frame rate of the delivery file will always be 24fps.


Yes, except Muzzle Flashes and CG clips. R3D files are only included in the FX Collections, which is delivered via a physical external hard drive.

All the clips included in the FX Collection Vol. 1 were shot with the RED ONE MX.
All the clips included in the FX Collection Vol. 2 were shot with the RED Epic-X.
We recently upgraded our camera to the Dragon sensor and we now use our Epic RED Dragon to shoot new FX Packs for the next FX Collection.

Standard License

To read the License Agreement, go to License Agreement.

Yes, you have to agree to the License Agreement before purchasing or using any of our clips. You can do so by checking the “I agree with the License Agreement” box on the Check Out page.

“Content” refers to the clips you license on the website. You are not “buying” the clips outright, you are actually buying the right to use them worldwide and in perpetuity (Royalty-free).

Yes. You can incorporate our FX Clips in your own work an unlimited amount of times, in perpetuity, worldwide, as long as the way you use them is not illegal and that you are not giving them away or reselling them outright to someone else.
The copyright and all other rights to the Content remain our property.

No, the Standard License is a single user license. You and only you can use the Content (our FX Clips), on one computer at any one time. If you need the FX Clips to be used by several users - your colleagues at your company for example - you need to purchase a Multi-User license. If you need to use the FX Clips in more than one location, simply contact us.

Read the License Agreement for more details on this (Section 3b).

You can incorporate our FX Clips in promotional videos, commercials, short films, online content, video games and video, broadcast and theatrical presentations. If in doubt about Permitted uses, feel free to contact us for guidance.
See the full list of Permitted Uses in the License Agreement (Section 3a and 3d).

- You can’t give or sell our FX Clips to anybody else
- You can’t share our FX Clips with colleagues unless you bought the Multi-User license
- You can’t incorporate our FX Clips into stock footage to sell or distribute
- You can’t use our FX Clips in stand-alone backgrounds or screen savers
- You can’t incorporate our FX Clips into a logo
- You can’t use our FX Clips in a manner that violates the law.

See the full list of Restrictions in the License Agreement (Section 4).

Yes, you can make 1 copy of your FX clips, FX Packs or FX Collections for normal back-up purposes, provided you keep the name of FX Elements, the Copyright sign and the clip identification number attached to each clip. Unless you purchased a Multi-User license, only 1 back-up copy is allowed.

FX Elements warrants that using our FX Clips according to the rules of the License Agreement will not infringe on any copyright. Other than this warranty, the content is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind.
You can read more on this in the License Agreement (Section 6).

Multi-User License

With the Standard License, you and only you are allowed to use our FX clips. You are not allowed to share the FX clips with anyone else.

With a Multi-User License, additional users from your organization (up to 15 people including yourself - your co-workers for example) are allowed to use our FX clips. Of course, they must agree to the License Agreement and follow its rules like you do. For more details, read our Multi-User License blog post.


Yes, we do. Just contact us at and we’ll help you out.

If you represent an educational facility, contact us at to know what products are available for license to you.

The second charge is actually a $1 temporary charge which will be refunded to you within 1 to 2 days. It’s a quirk of the service who handles payments for us: they are only trying to make sure your credit card is valid.

Alpha Channel

All the clips are delivered with an alpha, except for Lens Flares, Rain, Atmosphere, Cosmos, Fog and Glitter.
We found that in some cases the content doesn’t lend itself to produce an alpha channel consistent with the alphas we generate from other clips. That said, this footage is generally easily composited via screen mode or other techniques.

All our practically shot material is prepped in Nuke. We take the files (camera originals) into Nuke and if the element was shot over black, then we pull a luminance matte using a combination of techniques. If the element was shot over a chroma-key color, then we pull an alpha channel through the use of one of Nuke’s built in keying tools (IBK, Keylight, etc).

If the clip is a CG render then the alpha is created by the CG application at render time.

Short answer: As good as we can make them.

Long answer: Obviously there is no such thing as the “perfect” alpha channel, it is a subjective analysis based on the intended use. In other words, it is impossible for us to make an alpha that will work perfectly for every possible situation, for example over a dark background and a light background alike. Considering this, we try to “split the difference” giving you a file that will work in any situation with a little tweaking.

We provide the alpha channels as a courtesy. We encourage you to make your own alpha so it meets your needs more closely.

Some of the FX Clips available individually or via FX Packs are delivered as PhotoJPEG Quicktime files. The PhotoJPEG Quicktime codec does not allow for RGBA encoding, so we have to include the alpha as a separate file.
On the other hand, the FX Clips included in the FX Collections are delivered as ProRes Quicktime files; this format allows for an alpha channel to be “included” in the file.


No, this is not allowed under our License Agreement.

However, we do accept transactions via resellers but resellers need to agree with our Reseller Agreement first. So if you a reseller, contact us before buying.