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We just introduced a new category: water! We had received requests for water elements and here are our first Water Packs. Water is a difficult subject to capture practically, we are running tests for future packs as we speak. We shot these clips over a black background, mostly in slow motion for greater scalability. All these clips are ProRes 4444 Quicktime files and include an Alpha channel.

Asteria is an animation comedy taking place in space. It was made from start to finish by a team of students of the ESMA school (École Supérieure des Métiers Artistiques), one of the best animation, design and special effects schools in France. The film won the Audience Award as well as the Jury's 1st Prize at the ESMA graduation screening.

Our good friend Hugo Guerra has published a new Nuke tutorial. He outlines his workflow for integrating elements into his work. Check it out!

We are proud to announce that our FX Collection Vol. 2 has arrived!

Shooting practical effects looking like deep space has been a real challenge. As you must know, we couldn't take the space shuttle and go wander in the universe for good shots (our true dream of course). We settled for the second option of shooting paint particles in water. After days of trial and error, we found our secret recipe and protocol...