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"Fog - Pack 1" and "Atmosphere - Pack 3" are now available at FX Elements. These Weather packs feature clips ranging from a light foggy atmosphere to heavy pollution smog, with some clips showing hovering and lingering light smoke, sometimes disturbed by a subtle wind.

ProRes 422 downloadable Quicktime files.

All clips are ProRes 4444 Quicktime files and include an Alpha channel.

Check out our new Rain Packs!

"Rain - Pack 1" is great for simulating rain either close to camera or far in the distance. Some clips include the beginning of a rainfall, some the end.

"Rain - Pack 2" clips work well for heavy rain and windy storms. Useful for simulating monsoons, hurricanes or other violent storms.

Same content, new cool branding. Check it out!

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Method #1 - Free clip of the month

Each month, we offer a free clip for immediate download. This way, you can test one of our FX clips and see if it fits into your workflow.