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Fiery live action particles
November 17, 2016

We introduce this week three new FX Packs: Embers - Pack 1, Embers - Pack 2 and Embers - Pack 3!

All clips include an Alpha channel and are in the 2K ProRes 4444 Quicktime format.

This pack features embers coming from a fire, as a burst or a continuous rising flow. These clips work great to add sparks and embers generated by a fire, a campfire being stirred or an explosion to a scene.

This pack features fire embers rising into frame as well as fire embers entering frame from the side and spreading laterally. These clips work well for adding to a scene featuring a fire, they improve the realism of the fire effect. They can also work for larger scale effects such as explosions, volcanic eruptions, etc.

This pack features gusts of embers coming from the side or below frame. Some clips were shot in slow motion and some at regular speed (all playback at 24fps). This series of clips work well to create a fiery atmosphere, to add to a burning element or to simulate ignited particles in the air.

Great for: ember, embers, spark, sparks, pyro, pyrotechnics, particle, particles, orange, ignited, slow motion, slow, rising, upwards, free, VFX, FX, elements, video, effects, stock footage, 4K.