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Glass fest

April 28, 2014

We've worked a lot with glass recently. It ended up being more dangerous than we thought! Glass has the great ability to not break the way you think it will. We shot at it, we hammered it, we dumped it on the ground, we sprayed at it (not so bad). The Home Depot employees were definitely intrigued when we said we were buying all their glass to break it.

We now have a great series of bullet hits through glass, cool shots of glass sheets breaking, high quality clips of rain on glass and nice glass debris falling onto the ground. ProRes 4444 or ProRes 422 downloadable Quicktime files.

Breaking Glass - Pack 1 features sheets of glass shattering/exploding due to a violent impact. These clips were shot in slow motion (120fps) and the action takes place either facing camera or perpendicular to camera for a profile view. These clips are great to simulate a window breaking from a violent impact or an explosion, or any other instance where glass shards and particles are needed.

Falling Glass - Pack 1 features broken glass pieces falling from above frame onto the ground; they are great for glass debris created by the shattering of a window or other large piece of glass. This pack also features light bulbs breaking/exploding resulting in light smoke and glass shards.

Glass Hits - Pack 1 features bullets hitting a sheet of glass resulting in bullet holes and glass dust. Perfect for gunfights where windows or windshields are shot at by a gun / firearm. You can combine clips of the same series (for example: GlassHit-003a, GlassHit-003b and GlassHit-003c) to create successive bullet holes in the same window.

Weather on Glass - Pack 1 features 12 clips of water drops rolling down a sheet of glass, perfect for rain on a window or water droplets on practically any surface. Also included are 4 clips of steam on glass, slowly drying out and disappearing. These steam shots are great for things like a fogged up window or mirror, for example.

FREE: Download this free clip here!

FREE: Download this free clip here!

FREE:> Download this free clip here!

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