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Let’s get your FX library started!

Method #1 - Free clip of the month

Each month, we offer a free clip for immediate download. This way, you can test one of our FX clips and see if it fits into your workflow.

The Multi-User License option is here!

Today, we made the Multi-User License option available for FX Packs, in addition to the FX Collection. If you choose the Multi-User License, not just you but up to 15 people* within your organization can use your licensed FX Elements footage!

What happened?

As we mentioned here, we’ve been building the framework to offer a subscription option, but, for the time being, we’re putting that feature on hold to focus on adding more content to the site.

Over the past several months we’ve been hard at work improving FX Elements and in the end we’ve essentially rebuilt the entire site. We’ve upgraded and/or rebuilt everything from the search engine, to the location of product downloads, all the way to a complete rebuild the theme layer.

We've uploaded 22 new clips from our cloud tank collection. There are two primary varieties available, those shot over black and those over chroma key blue.