FX Collection Vol 1

FX Collection Vol 1
Collection Details
Title: FX Collection Vol 1
FX Type: Practical
Clips: 584


Tons of Content

FX Categories
individual clips
  • Slow Motion ranging from 60-100fps
  • 116 GB of data via download
  • 290 GB of footage via an external Hard Drive
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Highest Quality Files

The FX Collection Vol 1 hard drive is not limited to 2k quicktime files, it contains the original RAW R3D files in up to 4k resolution.
  • Clips provided in R3D up to 4k1
  • 2k ProRes Quicktime files
  • Perfect for feature films, TV, commercials, games, etc.
Original footage
Extracted matte
Combined footage + Matte

Pre-Keyed Footage

We use a combination of techniques to pull mattes on the clips, saving you time and effort. Lens Flares and Rain are the only categories without an alpha.

Drag and Drop Usability

Because our ProRes files are premultiplied you can easily drag and drop them into your composition or timeline to get started working instantly.

Prefer to pull your own alpha channel?

With the R3D files on the hard drive you'll have full access to the original camera files and all the extra resolution and color depth that entails. If you have your own workflow and keying techniques then the R3D option is for you.

100% Practical Elements

  • No CG elements, all 100% practical (organic) elements
  • Shot on Red MX
We use the same techniques that have been used in Hollywood for decades to produce exciting effects from practical (organic) objects.

2k ProRes Downloads
No need to wait

No matter which option you choose you'll have immediate access to the full collection in 2k ProRes format. That way, you can get started working immeditely while your hard drive is being shipped.

Single or Multi-User

Choose between two License options:
  • FX Collection just for you
  • FX Collection to share with your team
Find out more about the licensing options here

Included Content

Lens Flares

Tech Specs

Download + Hard Drive

500 GB Hard Drive:

  • Formatted to work with Mac or PC
  • USB 3.0 (backwards compatible with USB 2)
  • USB powered (no external power required)

116 GB of Downloads:

  • All 584 shots of FX Collection Vol 1 in Quicktime ProRes format
  • Grouped by FX Pack for easy downloading
  • R3D files are NOT included in the downloads4

File Specs:

Each clip available as:
  • R3D (2K-4K)1-2: RED original raw format.
  • 2K ProRes 4444 Quicktime: nearly uncompressed quality
  • Quicktimes include an Alpha channel and are premultipled3

Software Compatibility:

Any software capable of reading quicktime or R3D files, such as:
  • Nuke
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Smoke / Flame / Inferno
  • Fusion
  • Many many more...
  1. Some files are 2k while others are 3k or 4k. The native resolution of each shot was determined by the limitations the camera model used (Red One MX). In order to shoot at a higher fps the resolution necessarily had to be decreased. Thus, if we shot at 100fps it was required that we use a resolution of 2k. You can download the PDF above to access all of the details of the shots included in this volume.
  2. The muzzle flash shots are a composite of multiple takes/elements. They are not CG, all the elements were shot practically, however in order to create the best clips possible we combined the best individual smoke elements with other pyro elements to create the muzzle flashes.
  3. The following categories do not contain an alpha channel: Air Particles, Atmosphere, Lens Flares, Rain.
  4. R3D files are only available via the physical hard drive