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The ultimate breath effects

The original high quality Breath stock footage for VFX
February 12, 2020

Here at FX Elements, we offer the most comprehensive selection of real live action Cold Breath stock footage. We started filming them back in 2011 and are still adding new clips to this day to this category which is so useful for compositors. Check our new Coughing Breath FX Packs!
Our clips are shot live action, this means they are ultra real and can be seamlessly integrated to your scenes to enhance their realism. Plus we worked hard to include high quality alphas so our effects can easily be used within your workflow. These Cold Breath clips cover many situations: speaking slowly or fast in a cold environment, breathing strongly after an effort, yawning, coughing once or many times in a row, even sneezing. With our Cold Breath comprehensive suite, you have the power to transform your scene and convey the feel you are looking for. These effects are subtle, yes, but very powerful; they absolutely influence the viewer and help suspend his disbelief. Working on winter sequences, horror shots, cold chamber action scenes, ice skating drama, you name it, these Cold Breath VFX clips are the best tools to accomplish your vision.

These are examples from our Cold Breath category:

Free clip: Download this free clip here!

And check out these new FX Packs! Coughing Breath pack 1 and 2 are available individually or within the FX Collection Vol. 4.

To complement our Cold Breath selection, we also feature Smoke Breath effects. We filmed them live action directly facing camera or from the side to accommodate the position of your characters, similarly to our Cold Breath set up. These Smoke Breath VFX clips are perfect to add to your scenes where a character is smoking a cigarette, a pipe or even vaping. We just added Some Breath - Pack 3 to our Smoke Breath section! It includes plenty of smoke puffs, full of swirls and behaving like real exhaled smoke (because it is!).

These are examples from our Smoke Breath category:

Free clip:> Download this free clip here!

And check out this new addition: Smoke Breath - Pack 3 is available individually or within FX Collection Vol. 4.